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We Are Ethereal Elayne!

We at Ethereal Elayne Freight Broker LLC. have created a credible name in the field of logistics and customer solutions through hard work and consistent demonstration of customer satisfaction and market affordability where we provide the best logistical solutions to our customers and a progressive pathway for our clients for international trade solutions.

Our company’s heritage has been built in over 20 years with truly embedded essences of our organizational culture, progressiveness and hospitality, honesty, and authentication in providing true customer experience in logistics and services with tools and solutions for international trade.

Our journey in the field of logistics and trade has been a constructive building since 1997, gaining market experience and maturity over the years by learning and experiencing different market equilibriums and market research with constructive feedback.

Our organization consists of experienced and goal-oriented individuals belonging to different cultures and values with a cumulative goal of creating an organization with multicultural values and diversity and individuality in becoming a market leader.

Our services include import and export services with door-to-door courier cargos, sea freight, air freight, custom services and documentation, warehouse services, B2B innovation solutions and many more


Worldwide Cargo Services

Dedicated cargo team

Warehousing solution

Comprehensive door to door services


Our mission is to deliver the best solutions and tool to our customers regarding import and export regulations and logistical obstacles in conducting international trade.

To provide a constructive and a productive pathway to our valued customers in order overcome all possible obstacles and become a market leader in logistics and freight forwarding.

Our primary focus is customer satisfaction and customer retention and brand loyalty by providing productive solutions to our customer and their quires in comparison to what is provided in the market.


Our Warehouses

Our warehouse facility in Dubai serves as our central logistics hub in the Middle East. Situated in close proximity to major transportation routes and ports, it offers convenient access to regional and international markets.
Our warehouse facility in Turkey, situated in Istanbul, serves as a gateway between Europe and Asia, facilitating seamless logistics operations for our clients across the region. Its strategic location offers access to diverse markets and transportation networks.
Located in Guangzho, our warehouse facility in China provides essential storage and distribution services in one of the world's largest manufacturing and trading hubs. With its strategic location, it enables efficient handling of goods for both domestic and international markets.

Our core management